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When approached by the Adobe Press to do a monthly series on landscaping and gardening with California natives, I launched into what became a two plus years series of articles. My goal was to share the information I had learned regarding native plants in the home landscape. In this way, I felt that the average gardener would be much less intimidated by native plants and more likely to use them for landscaping.

Most of the articles I wrote are listed below. They have also been reprinted in the newsletters of the SLO Chapter of the California Native Plant Society.

Suggested Native Plant List For Nipomo Mesa
Local Plant Communities and Landscapes
The Right Plant for the Right Spot
Planting and Soil Preparation
Compost, Mulch, and Native Plants: To Use or Not to Use
California Natives Propagation Using Seeds
California Natives Propagation Using Layerings
California Natives Propagation Using Cuttings
Autumn and Winter in the Native Garden
Wildflowers for Year-round Color
Native Grasses for Home Landscaping
Container Gardening with Natives
Native Plants for Wildlife
More Native Plants for Wildlife
Evergreen Native Trees for Landscaping
Deciduous Native Trees for Landscaping
Books versus Experimentation
Rescuing Natives: A Hands-On Learning Experience